This Week In College Prep

4 steps to choosing a college major

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 29 September 2018

What will you be doing 20 years from now? It's a difficult, if not impossible, question to answer as a high school student. Choosing a college major can feel like an attempt to answer it, though.

Never too early: Beginning the admissions process in 9th grade

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 24 September 2018

It is never too early to start planning for college. Increasingly, it is critical for students to dive into college admissions as soon as they start high school. The benefits of doing so might surprise you.

Marketing your way into college

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 22 September 2018

College admission is more competitive than ever. How are you going to stand out from the crowd? The key is marketing yourself, and making a lasting impression on your admissions counselor.

The worst colleges in America

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 18 September 2018

Students are well-versed in college ranking lists. High-ranking colleges become more and more desirable, as lower-ranking colleges struggle to gain notoriety. What if, instead of looking at the best colleges, students learned more about the worst colleges to inform their decisions?

4 ways parents can prepare for college

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 15 September 2018

Sending children off to college can throw parents into an emotional frenzy. From communication expectations to financial woes, parents often need to redirect their intensity. Four things can help any parents be a cheerleader for their new college student without being overbearing.

How colleges judge your high school courseload

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 3 September 2018

Many students wonder how their high school transcripts will be looked upon by college admissions counselors. Those students whose high schools do not offer any Advanced Placement or college-level courses are usually most concerned. Students can rejoice: admissions counselors are going to give you a fair shake.

8 classes that college-bound students should take

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 2 September 2018

High school graduation requirements leave students little room for choice when making their schedules. Making the best choices, no matter how few, will ensure a successful college application season during your senior year. Which courses should you be taking?

College essay cliches

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 28 August 2018

The college essay is always a source of stress for high school seniors. If you avoid cliches, though, you can rest easy knowing that your essay will stand out to admissions counselors. Which cliches should you be avoiding?

Does going to a selective college matter?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 26 August 2018

Many high school students have tunnel vision when it comes to college admissions, looking only at prestige when sending applications. Does prestige really matter for your career, though?

What changed in college admissions this summer?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 20 August 2018

Every new college admission season is slightly different than the last. This year, there are a few changes in college admissions that students need to be aware of. Have you been keeping on top of your college prep responsibilities?

Maintaining support for public colleges

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 18 August 2018

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is weighing a renewed commitment to public higher education. A new bill asks the state to step up its funding, and nearly a million students could stand to benefit if it passed.

A reason to forgo private colleges

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 13 August 2018

More top students are choosing to attend public colleges. The opportunity to enroll in an honors college while paying rock bottom tuition has driven the trend. Might you want to forgo that expensive private college?

Words you should use in your college essay

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 11 August 2018

Admissions counselors pore over thousands of essays each year. A new company aims to make it easier for students to understand what their admissions counselor is looking for in an essay. Might you want to revise some of your word choices?

Advice for students, from students

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 7 August 2018

New college students often have more questions than answers. Advice from experienced students, though, can help new students settle in and find their way.

Thank goodness for test-optional colleges

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 5 August 2018

The SAT and ACT have long been the standard bearers of college admission decisions. Now, though, more schools are moving to become "test-optional." Could test-optional policies help your chances of admission?

What you need to know about Martin O'Malley and student loans

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 4 August 2018

Have you heard of Martin O'Malley? The former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor is a Democrat hopeful in the upcoming presidential race. While he may not be in the national spotlight just yet, O'Malley has some ideas about student loan debt that you should know about.

Will 3-year colleges make the grade?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 30 July 2018

Four years worth of tuition can be a daunting proposition to a high school senior. Now, though, some colleges are transitioning to 3-year bachelor degrees. Is the quality of a fast-track education on par with the traditional four-year college experience?

Determining college fit and value

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 28 July 2018

College prepares you for greater opportunities in your life. Searching for your best-fit college can be daunting, especially when you consider each school's value proposition. Luckily, determining fit and value can be easy when you know which questions to ask.

Which college application is for you?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 23 July 2018

Most every student knows the Common Application. The Universal College Application, though, is gaining ground on the ubiquitous Common App. Do you know the difference between the two applications?

Common App changes for this year

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 22 July 2018

The Common Application makes college admissions easier. Over 800,000 students use the Common Application to apply to more than 500 schools. Rising high school seniors have to be ready for the changes to the 2015-2016 application, including some new essay prompts. Are you ready for the new Common App?

The Next MacGyver

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 21 July 2018

Remember MacGyver, the inventive adventure man from the 1980's television show? One professor at the University of Southern California is looking to find "The Next MacGyver" by encouraging competition among young women in engineering.

Getting into selective schools often "a crapshoot"

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 17 July 2018

Even stellar students are rejected by elite colleges. In fact, getting into elite colleges is become something of an impossibility for America's brightest students. Might you want to consider schools that are slightly less selective?

Student income influences choice of major

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 15 July 2018

The college major that a student chooses has a lot to do with their financial situation. The aptly named article Rich Kids Study English captures the phenomenon, but the explanation may not be surprising to you.

Tackling climate change one class at a time

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 14 July 2018

Maine's College of the Atlantic is trying to combat climate change. Though small, the college offers its students tremendous opportunities to make a global difference. Have you heard about the big impact that the College of the Atlantic is making?

5 questions to ask your financial aid advisor

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 3 July 2018

College can be costly, yet the investment in your future can offer significant returns. Knowing what to ask your financial aid advisor can help you minimize the effect of college on your wallet while maximizing your opportunity.

Upward mobility and higher education

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 3 July 2018

There are swirling concerns that future students may never attain the level of education that was afforded to their parents. The issue isn't opportunity, though, but the value of education.

Top business schools for undergraduates

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 1 July 2018

Thinking about studying business in college? Some top business schools may give you a competitive edge when it comes to landing internships and, eventually, a job.

5 things rising seniors need to do this summer

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 30 June 2018

Junior year is grueling. Summer can be a time for relaxation, but a little bit of work will go a long way come the fall. There are five things that every rising senior should be doing this summer.

Colleges forging new relationships

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 26 June 2018

Internships have become all but an essential prerequisite to landing a job after college. Some colleges give their student an advantage by partnering with major companies to offer internship and job placements. Have you looked into these types of opportunities?

Looking for a job? Don't forget about Facebook.

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 25 June 2018

LinkedIn isn't enough. Facebook should never be ignored as the most powerful social network. Have you been using Facebook to search for and secure employment?

Other factors to consider when researching colleges

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 24 June 2018

It's time to look outside the box when it comes to researching colleges. There are some factors that every student should consider as they narrow their college list. Would you be interested to know some out-of-the-ordinary factors?

What is college fit?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 23 June 2018

Counselors usually encourage students to find their "best fit" when it comes to selecting a college. What exactly does that mean, though? In short: a good college fit meets most of a student's preferences.

5 tips for starting college after a gap year

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 17 June 2018

With gap years becoming more popular, many students wonder how to get back into academia after having a year away. Luckily, making the transition is easier than you think. Are you ready to begin your college journey now?

SAT misprint leaves students without scores

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 16 June 2018

The June 6 SAT contained misprints that will affect student scores nationwide. While College Board is trying to make amends, students will need to retake the test in order to submit complete scores. Was your exam affected by this printing error?

Have you thought about taking a gap year?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 12 June 2018

Gap year experiences are becoming increasingly popular among college-bound students. There are pros and cons to taking a year off between high school and college, but the experience can be a perfect opportunity for personal growth. Have you thought about taking a gap year?

This year's best summer jobs

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 11 June 2018

Are you looking for a summer job now that the school year is winding down? Forget internships: a summer job can help you build your resume and your bank account.

The #1 tip for winning a scholarship

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 10 June 2018

Competition for college scholarships is stiff. How can you make your scholarship application stand out? One important tip can significantly increase your odds of winning that scholarship.

6 college-related things for juniors to do now

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 9 June 2018

With junior year winding down, college application season emerges on the horizon. Rising seniors can get a jump start on their college applications by completing a few tasks now.

Advice on choosing a college major

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 5 June 2018

Students often agonize over choosing the perfect college major. Selecting a course of study doesn't have to be stressful, though. Three questions are common to most undecided college students, and we have the answers for you.

Already planning to transfer? Think again.

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 4 June 2018

Every year, there are students who start college with the intention of transferring after one year. Many of these students were not admitted to their dream school and think of their first college as a "stepping stone" to their dream school. Are you one of these students?

Behind the scenes of college admissions

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 3 June 2018

Have you ever wondered what the admissions process is like from the college's perspective? College admissions isn't about selection, it's about recruitment. Attracting student awareness is the cornerstone of admission strategy, and it's an expensive game.

Advice to the Class of 2016

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 2 June 2018

As high school students apply to college, advice comes from every direction - some good, some not. The best advice often comes from your peers. Would you be interested to know what wisdom the class of 2015 could offer?

Colleges Where Graduates Get The Most Bang For Their Buck

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 26 May 2018

Ivy League schools don't necessarily have the highest return on investment. In fact, some rather low-profile colleges offer students the greatest bang for their buck. Would you be surprised that some of them are public schools?

8 important lessons from a college senior

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 22 May 2018

The most important lessons are often those learned outside the classroom. One Indiana University senior offers eight pieces of wisdom for high school students about to start their college journey.

How senioritis could cost your college dream

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 21 May 2018

The college application process is over, and you've accepted admission to a school. Congratulations! As graduation nears closer, though, don't let yourself catch the highly contagious "senioritis."

Dream colleges, from coast to coast

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 20 May 2018

Are you going to be attending your dream college? What if cost and acceptance weren't an issue? Clearing the barriers to entry leaves you with The Princeton Review's annual list of "top dream colleges."

3 reasons you shouldn't take the new SAT

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 19 May 2018

The SAT is changing again. With the ACT threatening to make its test irrelevant, College Board revamped the SAT for 2016. Should students bother taking the new test?

How to easily get through the college admissions process

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 15 May 2018

Deadlines come up quickly. Too many college-bound students miss deadlines and opportunities because of rigid thinking. How can you stay on track through the college admissions process?

How many AP classes do elite colleges require?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 14 May 2018

High school students need to start planning early if they hope to attend an elite college. If you dream of going to an elite college, taking a rigorous course load in high school is essential. But how many AP classes should you take?

The hardest part of the college application process

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 13 May 2018

The college application process has a reputation for being lengthy and difficult. A new survey reveals what students think is the hardest part of the process. Could these survey results help you prioritize as you apply to college?

10 colleges that every beach lover must consider

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 12 May 2018

Love the beach? The salt water? The coastal lifestyle? Whether you're an old salt or an aspiring beach regular, there are colleges that can offer the best of academics and coastal life.

Why you should avoid getting "senioritis"

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 8 May 2018

Spring is here, and college decisions have been made. So begins prime time for high school seniors to begin neglecting their school work. Wise students will fight the urge to slack off, and thus keep their college dreams alive and well.

New STEM grads finding great pay

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 7 May 2018

New college graduates who majored in STEM fields are commanding higher salaries than they anticipated. Beginning salaries for the class of 2015 could be as much as 50% more than expected.

Finding happiness in college prep

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 6 May 2018

The college admissions process is unduly stressful for students and parents. Developing strategies to deal with the major issues related to college prep can save families from having a constant feeling of anxiety.

College education for the future

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 5 May 2018

Higher education has become selective, even exclusive, in recent years. Arizona State University is out to change that with their new Global Freshman Academy.

12 things to do after submitting your tuition deposit

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 1 May 2018

Today is May 1, the official deadline for high school seniors to make their college decision and submit their tuition deposits. What happens next?

The downside of attending a reach school

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 30 April 2018

The college decision deadline is tomorrow. For students still thinking about attending one of their reach schools, considering a few small details could make a big difference. Is a reach school really the best thing for you?

The truth about college applications

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 29 April 2018

College applications are inefficient. The online application process has made it easier than ever to apply to college, but at the cost of student engagement. Is there a solution to the inefficiency problem?

When a two-year degree makes sense

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 28 April 2018

A four-year degree is not for everyone. A two-year degree in some fields may put you in the fast lane to success. Could a two-year associate's degree be right for you?

Private college scholarships: The great equalizer

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 24 April 2018

Private scholarships make college more affordable. You might be surprised at how accessible these scholarships are, and how uniquely qualified you may be for one.

4 steps to making a wise college choice

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 23 April 2018

May 1 is the college decision deadline. How do you know that you're making the best choice? You can be confident in your decision when you follow just four critical steps.

Where is the tuition ceiling?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 22 April 2018

College fees are increasing at unprecedented rates. With over 50 schools charging over $60,000 per year, many Americans are asking when fee hikes will reach their limit. When will the cost of a college education just be too much?

How to compare financial aid awards

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 21 April 2018

The college decision deadline is fast approaching. Cost is often one of the major decision points for college-bound students, but do you know how to compare your financial aid offers?

How to make the most of accepted student days

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 17 April 2018

The college decision deadline is fast approaching. Some students will have no problem choosing a school by May 1, yet others might benefit from attending an accepted student event. Do you know how to make the most of those "accepted student days"?

No acceptance letters? No problem.

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 16 April 2018

Rejection isn't final. Students who find themselves without any college acceptance letters should take heart: there are still options available, and you're in the driver's seat.

Don't be fooled: It matters where you go to college

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 15 April 2018

Going to an elite college usually pays off. The greatest predictor of success, though, might not be where your diploma is from. You might be surprised at what research suggests.

Tackling the new SAT

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 14 April 2018

The new SAT will officially debut next spring. Still, students nationwide are already panicking over the new test. Our best advice? Relax.

How to negotiate a better financial aid package

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 10 April 2018

College acceptance letters are in, and so are financial aid awards. Are you worried about paying for your college dreams? Your financial aid offer has some wiggle room if you're willing to negotiate.

How to pay in-state tuition at out-of-state colleges

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 9 April 2018

Crossing state lines for college doesn't have to come at a tuition premium. Reciprocity agreements between states allow students to have access to unique degree programs at very reduced rates. Wouldn't you like to save money on a great education?

Cracking the admissions code at top schools

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 8 April 2018

Gaining admission to top schools is all about packaging. When college-bound students play to their strengths on their applications, they stand a much better chance of being admitted to top schools.

Education Department to rank colleges

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 7 April 2018

Every college-bound student has heard of the US News rankings. Now students can look for rankings published by the US Department of Education, though critics of the new system are many.

5 myths about the liberal arts

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 3 April 2018

The liberal arts often get an unfair bad rap. Despite what you may have heard, liberal arts graduates are just as employable and successful as any pre-professional graduate. 

The hidden costs of transferring

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 2 April 2018

It's increasingly common for students to transfer to a different school at some point during their college career. Transferring may be a good choice, but students should be aware of the potential hidden costs of leaving their original school.

The changing SAT and high school students

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 1 April 2018

Big changes are coming to the SAT, the infamous college admissions test. Fortunately, current high school students have options when it comes to tackling the new exam.

The unspoken achievement gap

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 31 March 2018

Girls are dominating the educational scene. In a major shift over the past 50 years, girls have surpassed boys in academic achievement and college enrollment. Are you interested in how have women soared to the top educationally and professionally?

More students submit ACT scores to top universities

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 27 March 2018

Every high school student has heard of the ominous SAT. Some students might find comfort in the fact that the ACT has overtaken the SAT in popularity. With the ACT all but supplanting the SAT, it's no surprise that more students are submitting their ACT scores to top universities.

Mentoring: the missing link for high-achieving students

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 26 March 2018

Do you have a mentor, someone who inspires and develops your interests? If not, you could be missing out on a relationship that will increase your success.

Colleges for winter sports fanatics

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 25 March 2018

Are you one who hates to see winter turn to spring? There are a handful of colleges around the United States that are perfect for enjoying winter sports. Some might be closer to home thank you think!

Finding your perfect career

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 24 March 2018

Most young people have heard that most of the jobs they'll do in the future don't even exist yet. Still, choosing a college major often starts with an idea of the career you might like to have. One new career test claims to be the world's best, and it could help you think about your future.

Scholarships to apply for now!

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 20 March 2018

Attending college is expensive. Luckily, thousands of scholarships are available to students. A new list of scholarships with deadline approaching in April is worth taking a look at.

Spring is for college visits

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 19 March 2018

Spring starts tomorrow, and so begins the ideal season for high school juniors to visit colleges. Do you know how to make the most of your college visits?

Up-and-coming colleges and universities

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 18 March 2018

Being ranked on a US News list is a big deal. While students often get stuck on dreams of prestige and selectivity, this year's list of "up-and-coming" schools hold the promise of innovation and success.

Wisdom for a fruitful college search

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 17 March 2018

Selecting a college is a personal decision. Your college search shouldn't start with rankings and brand names, but with some self-reflection. Two easy steps in your college search could help you make the best choice.

Three questions high school juniors should ask themselves

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 13 March 2018

This is the time of year that high school juniors start thinking about college. Don't go into college applications blind, though. Instead, use the spring as a time for self-reflection.

Advice to parents from an admissions officer

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 12 March 2018

You might be surprised at how much pressure parents can unintentionally put on their students. With student stress levels ever on the increase, one admissions officer has searing advice for parents. 

College essays predict student success

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 11 March 2018

The words you use in your college essay could predict your future success. A recent study suggests that you might want to rethink your word choices before submitting your application.

Discover your dream job this summer

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 10 March 2018

Are you hoping to discover your passion? A summer entrepreneurship program may be just the thing to get you thinking about your future.

Shopping for a college as a high school student

Posted by Bella Drabin on 7 March 2018

The only way to know if something fits right is to try it on, and I just came back from a four day shopping spree. In four days I went "shopping" at seven colleges, trying to figure out what I did and didn't like about each. As a high school sophomore, I already have a good sense for what I'm looking for in terms of size, setting, academics, and atmosphere.

WATCH: Dan Rather gets an inside look at college admissions

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 5 March 2018

How fair is the college admissions process? You might be surprised to learn the truth. From US News rankings to admissions committees, journalist Dan Rather gives you an inside look at the business of college.

More students take advantage of early admission options

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 4 March 2018

More and more colleges are offering early admission options to high school seniors, but relatively few take advantage of those opportunities. Applying for early admission is a great way to stand out to the college or colleges that you're most interested in.

The search for a valuable summer experience

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 3 March 2018

Though the winter has been long, high school students can start looking forward to a summer of great experiences. Enrolling in a summer program can be a great way to explore your interests before going to college. Not all programs are created equal, though.

WATCH: New episode of My College Life (with Alex Tellez)

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 27 February 2018

The acceptance letters are starting to roll in, but how do you decide on which college to attend in the fall? The latest episode of My College Life (with Alex Tellez) offers strategies for making the best choice.

WATCH: 7 reasons high school ISN'T college

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 26 February 2018

Have you ever heard college compared to "13th grade"? You might be surprised to learn that, no matter which school you choose, high school and college are very different animals.

WATCH: The app that notifies your parents when you skip class

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 25 February 2018

College life is all about independence and making your own choices. Many students, though, choose to skip class and unknowingly prolong their college career. This new app is out to change that.

TOP STORY: How one student used Twitter to figure out which college was right for her

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 24 February 2018

Do you want to be sure you're making the right college choice? Social media helped one high school student connect with a college community and make her decision.

WATCH: Mark Cuban's advice to high school students

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 20 February 2018

Mark Cuban, one of the most successful people in the United States, has interesting advice for high school students looking at colleges. You might be surprised at what he has to say about your college education.

WATCH: President Obama describes his "America's College Promise" proposal

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 19 February 2018

Last month, President Obama revealed his plan to make higher education more accessible to Americans. Called "America's College Promise," the plan aims to make community college free to hard-working students.

WATCH: How to get into West Point

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 18 February 2018

West Point is a place of both prestige and honor. Gaining admission to West Point is much more complicated than civilian colleges, though. How do you prepare to apply to America's Top College? West Point director of admissions Colonel Deborah McDonald will tell you.

Athletic recruitment 101: Be realistic

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 16 February 2018

Becoming a college athlete is a dream for many high school students. The odds are stacked against you if you want to compete past high school, but knowing about the recruitment process might turn things in your favor.

WATCH: You've never seen acceptance letters given out like this

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 12 February 2018

Getting your college acceptance letters is the most exciting part of the whole college admissions process. What if one of those letters was personally delivered to your house by a giant turtle mascot? For some Maryland high school students, that is exactly what happened.

Three reasons to actually be happy about student loan debt

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 11 February 2018

When you put it in perspective, student loan debt might be more of a blessing than a curse. Student loans should remind you of Thanksgiving, not Halloween.

Is Amazon about to destroy the traditional college bookstore?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 10 February 2018

Online retail giant Amazon is set to make a move onto college campuses. With that, the traditional headache of ordering textbooks is becoming a thing of the past.

WATCH: From Brownsville, Brooklyn to the Oval Office: Vidal Meets the President

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 9 February 2018

Just shaking the hand of the President of the United States is pretty cool. To have a personal meeting with the president, like 13-year-old Vidal Chastenet, is life-changing.

TOP STORY: Brave journalist takes on the College Board

Posted by Mark Davis on 6 February 2018

We're big fans of a reporter named Nancy Griesemer, who just keeps on cranking out one great story after another about the college admissions industry.  Last week, she published an article that was highly critical of the SAT, and an increasingly large amount of cheating that is happening in South Korea and China.  She even goes so far as to suggest that students and colleges start boycotting the SAT's altogether, and move to the ACT exam instead

TOP STORY: America's first college for cybersecurity opens in upstate New York

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 5 February 2018

Cybersecurity is becoming a big deal. If you want a rewarding career and the opportunity to make the world safer, you might want to start at New York's newest college.

WATCH: How I Got In (Barnard)

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 4 February 2018

As you may know by now, we're gearing up for season 2 of our popular web series How I Got In. So to get ready, we're re-visiting the most popular episodes from season 1. This time, host (and student at the University of Florida) Carina Daidone talks with Claire Bouchard, a senior at Barnard College in New York City.

WATCH: What are the best online colleges?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 3 February 2018

Online colleges used to get little respect, but the times are certainly changing.  For example, did you happen to notice that the Superbowl was just played at the University of Phoenix Stadium?  The truth is, online education is now as "acceptable" as any brick-and-mortar college. But if you're considering an online college, how can you figure out which ones are the real deal?

TOP STORY: The best jobs in America

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 2 February 2018

Great pay and satisfying work may be as close as your local yoga studio. If you've ever thought of being a construction manager, pharmacist, or yoga instructor, you might be on just the right track.

WATCH: The college acceptance video that went totally viral

Posted by Mark Davis on 1 February 2018

It's Superbowl Sunday, so you're probably getting ready to have some fun and watch the big game tonight. And you're probably going to see some really cute ads, with cute little puppies, or horses, or racing turtles. But if you really want to see something heart-warming, check out this video.

WATCH: YouTube star Bethany Mota asks President Obama about the high cost of college

Posted by Mark Davis on 31 January 2018

Last week, YouTube stars Bethany Mota, GloZell Green and Hank Green interviewed President Obama about the top issues facing them and their audiences. The event was live streamed on YouTube and — not surprisingly — the conversation soon turned to the state of college prep in the U.S.

WATCH: Suze Orman goes BALLISTIC about the predatory lending practices of Sallie Mae

Posted by Ann Balderston-Glynn on 30 January 2018

If you're a regular reader of This Week In College Prep, then you know we're big fans of personal finance guru Suze Orman.  She gives out great advice about money, but usually manages to deliver it in an entertaining way.  But we just uncovered a video clip of Suze from a couple years ago, where she is downright mad about something.

TOP STORY: Why do colleges aggressively recruit applicants just to turn them down?

Posted by Jeff Wurtz on 29 January 2018

If you're in high school and trying to get into college, then this story is probably going to make you mad.  It's about how colleges will will do something called "recruit to deny" — and how often this can hurt students.

TOP STORY: Five military academy summer STEM camps for college-bound high school juniors

Posted by Mark Davis on 28 January 2018

If you're considering going to a military academy after high school, then here's something you should know about:  every summer, the five military academies in the U.S. offer STEM summer camps for high school juniors.

WATCH: Hacking college admissions

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 27 January 2018

Is it really that hard to get into a top college these days? We just found an interesting TED Talk on Youtube, which suggests that it may actually be easier than ever.

WATCH: Do colleges REALLY pay attention to additional materials students send in?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 26 January 2018

College admissions officers are looking for extraordinary students. When colleges allow you to send in additional application materials, think of it as your opportunity to stand out and showcase your talents.

INSIDE MY COLLEGE TIMELINE: Carina is coming back for a second season of How I Got In!

Posted by Mark Davis on 25 January 2018

Last year we launched our original web series How I Got In, where host Carina Daidone (a student at the University of Florida) interviews fellow college students who got into their dream college.  Each student tells the story of their college prep journey, and ultimately how they got accepted — providing practical, real-world advice to high school students who want to go to that college.  We thought that the series would be popular on YouTube, and we were right ;)  This is actually the top rated series on My College Timeline.  And that's why I'm so happy to announce...

WATCH: How social media kills college admission chances

Posted by Ann Balderston-Glynn on 24 January 2018

Last week we brought you the latest episode of My College Life (with Alex Tellez), where Alex tackled the tricky subject of social media.  This week we've got another video on this topic, and one of the facts in this video may blow your mind just a little bit.

WATCH: Inside the world’s largest student-run hackathon

Posted by Mark Davis on 23 January 2018

As we reported a couple weeks ago, it looks like student hackathons may become the next big thing in the U.S. They're so big, in fact, that there's even a hacking league now — Major League Hacking.  The spring hackathon season has now begun, and the biggest event of them all — PennApps — took place in Philadelphia last weekend.  And the competition was more intense than ever.

WATCH: Why your "online presence" is so important for college admissions (and what to do about it!)

Posted by Ann Balderston-Glynn on 22 January 2018

We're back with another great episode of My College Life (with Alex Tellez). And this time, our intrepid student filmmaker tackles a really important topic: why your "online presence" is so important when it comes to college admissions...and what you can do about it!

WATCH: How to get an internship

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 21 January 2018

Internships are critical to landing a great job right out of college. High school is the time to start thinking about internship opportunities down the road. Are you ready to get a jump start on a great career after college? 

WATCH: How college early admissions favor the rich

Posted by Jeff Wurtz on 20 January 2018

There was a great story on Bloomberg TV last week, about the darker side of college early admissions.

TOM HANKS: I owe it all to community college

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 19 January 2018

You've probably heard by now that President Obama wants to make community college free for all American students. This has put community colleges squarely in the spotlight, and now actor Tom Hanks has weighed in on the subject.  As it turns out, he went to a community college, and he says it changed his life.

WATCH: Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe on the high cost of college

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 18 January 2018

Television star Mike Rowe thinks that a "diploma dilemma" exists in the United States. Rowe is no fan of the college system, and thinks that many students would do better by NOT attending a four-year college, and instead pursuing a career in the trades.  

WATCH: 7 college courses you won't believe actually exist

Posted by Mark Davis on 17 January 2018

We just came across a pretty funny video from BuzzFeed, about some of the craziest college courses you could imagine.

WATCH: How to pay for college by playing “League of Legends”

Posted by Mark Davis on 16 January 2018

You're not going to believe this one. There's a college in Chicago that's giving out athletic scholarships for — wait for it — playing videogames. Is this a crazy idea...or is it actually quite brilliant?

WATCH: Scholarslip: A documentary about the student debt crisis

Posted by Ann Balderston-Glynn on 15 January 2018

We just came across a great documentary called "Scholarslip," which was made by three journalism students at Arizona State University.

WATCH: President Obama wants to make community college FREE for all Americans

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 14 January 2018

By now you've probably heard the huuuuge news that just came out of Washington:  President Obama wants to make community college free for all American students.  But can he actually pull this off?  Here are a couple short videos that will help you answer that question.

WATCH: Should you take your next college tour using an Oculus Rift?

Posted by Jeff Wurtz on 13 January 2018

You may remember the news from last year, when Facebook bought virtual reality company Oculus Rift for a cool $2 billion. But here's something you probably didn't know about the Oculus Rift technology.

WATCH: How to crush both the SAT and ACT exams

Posted by Jeff Wurtz on 12 January 2018

One of the questions we get asked most often by students is this:  Should I take the SAT exam, or the ACT exam?  And our answer is always the same. You should take both.  But if that's the case, how are you supposed to actually study for these exams?

The coolest high school internships for summer 2015

Posted by Mark Davis on 4 January 2018

Summer internships are a great way for high school students to get real-world experience in a career field they're thinking about pursuing. And they don't look too bad on the student resume, either. But if you want to find an internship for next summer, where should you start?  Well, you're about to find out.

Did you know there's a "hackathon league" for high school students?

Posted by Mark Davis on 3 January 2018

A few years ago, only a few people knew what a "hackathons" was. But now, thousands of college students now participate in hackathons around the world. There's even a hacking league called Major League Hacking, which basically runs the spring and fall hacking seasons each year. So just what is a hackathon, and why should you care?

Have a great holiday!

Posted by Mark Davis on 23 December 2017

It's been a pretty incredible year for the crew here at My College Timeline.  We've been working like crazy to launch our college prep app, YouTube channel, and blog — all of which we did in 2014.

WATCH: Spend the summer at Brown

Posted by Mark Davis on 22 December 2017

Believe it or not, it's almost time to start thinking about how you'll spend your time next summer. We just heard about a program at Brown University in Providence, RI that you may want to think about. It's a "pre-college" program for high school students — called Summer@Brown — and it sounds pretty awesome.

WATCH: The college admissions video that has over a million views on YouTube

Posted by Mark Davis on 21 December 2017

Back in 2010, some students at Yale set out to re-invent the boring genre of college admissions videos. They created a video about their school that was — in their words — a "little different." The video ended up going viral, and it now has over a million views on YouTube.

WATCH: Learning to fly at MIT

Posted by Mark Davis on 20 December 2017

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut?  It's actually not that crazy of an idea, and it's totally possible if you set your mind to it.  But you may be surprised about the best path to getting there.

WATCH: New episode of "My college life with Alex Tellez"

Posted by Mark Davis on 19 December 2017

Alex Tellez is a student at Florida State University, and also a super talented documentary filmmaker. Alex stars in our original web series "My College Life with Alex Tellez", where she pulls back the curtain and shows what it's really like for college students these days. This week we've got another great film from Alex. It's about the phenomenon of college football, and what it's like to attend a school that becomes national champions — when you're there! 

WATCH: The test prep company that has DOZENS of students with perfect SAT scores

Posted by Mark Davis on 18 December 2017

Every once in a while, you'll hear a story about a student who received a perfect score of 2,400 on their SAT's. This week, we were planning to do a story about one of these students, and share some of their secrets with you.  But in our research, we discovered the craziest thing.  There's a test prep company from Texas that's churning out "perfect score students" in huge numbers.  

WATCH: A rare look behind the closed doors of a college admissions office

Posted by Mark Davis on 17 December 2017

Many students feel like college admissions offices are mysterious, secretive places — and they don't really know how they work.  If this sounds familiar, then we've got a video that's going to clear things up for you.

WATCH: How to send a science project to the International Space Station

Posted by Mark Davis on 16 December 2017

Ok guys, this video is going to blow your mind just a little bit.  It was shot from the International Space Station, and shows some incredible time lapse footage of the earth, as seen from space.  It's just awe inspiring. But here's the really crazy part:  there's a way that you can get involved with the ISS, and send your very own science experiment there — on board a NASA rocket.  And you're about to find out how.

WATCH: Personal finance guru Suze Orman gets MAD about private student loans

Posted by Mark Davis on 15 December 2017

We're big fans of Suze Orman, the no-nonsense finance guru who appears on places like PBS and CNBC. Not only do we like the advice she gives, but also the fact that she usually delivers it with a laugh or two.  It takes a lot to get the usually cheerful Orman angry, but that's exactly what happened in this recent video clip. The subject?  Private student loans.

Don't do ANY test prep until you've asked yourself this one question

Posted by Mark Davis on 14 December 2017

One of the questions we hear most often from students goes like this: should I take the SAT, the ACT, or both?  And our answer is always the same.  You should take them both.  But before you spend even one minute studying for them, there's one more question that you need to ask yourself.


Posted by Mark Davis on 12 December 2017

This week, we're thrilled to bring you a YouTube playlist about the most amazing kid. His name is Jake Barnett.

TOP STORY: Follow a 12th grader through her college prep journey

Posted by Mark Davis on 11 December 2017

We just stumbled across a great blog series from @valeriestrauss at the Washington Post.  She's following the story of a 12th grader from New Hampshire, Samantha Fogel, who's going through the college admissions process.  The way the series is written, it makes for a wonderful bit of reading.

TOP STORY: What degrees have the highest starting salaries?

Posted by Mark Davis on 10 December 2017

This week we're bringing you a video from the guys at TYT University, which is one of the most popular college-focused channels on Youtube. This clip is actually a year old, but we wanted to feature it because it covers something that's important to every student: which major to choose in college.

TOP STORY: Google invites girl coders to light up Christmas trees around the White House

Posted by Mark Davis on 9 December 2017

Have you ever heard of something called "Made with Code"?  If not, here's the headline:  It's a program that Google created to help inspire more girls to write code.  They've just announced a pretty awesome new coding project that girls can work on...and it's at the White House!

TOP VIDEO: How to get the First Lady to speak at your high school's graduation

Posted by Mark Davis on 8 December 2017

Yesterday we talked about how the FAFSA season is upon us, and gave you a crash course in how to become a financial aid whiz.  So now that you're a total FAFSA expert, you'll be interested to hear this next story.  It's about Michelle Obama, and a new contest she has just announced for creating videos about your FAFSA experience.  And if she likes your video the most, she may even come to speak at your high school's graduation ceremony!

VIDEO PLAYLIST: How to become a financial aid whiz in 40 minutes flat

Posted by Mark Davis on 7 December 2017

We're well into the holiday season now, which — for millions of high school students around the country — means one thing. It'll be time to submit their new financial aid forms next month. But the truth is, many students and families find the whole "financial aid thing" to be complex, confusing, and downright stressful. If this sounds familiar, then we've got some good news for you.

Introducing our new "dream big" videos

Posted by Mark Davis on 6 December 2017

Today we're making a pretty big announcement here at My College Timeline.  It's the launch of something we call our Dream Big videos.

Everything you need to know about the National College Fair (but were afraid to ask)

Posted by Mark Davis on 5 December 2017

Every year, more than 650,000 people attend a NACAC college fair somewhere in the U.S. read that right...every year, a HUGE number of people go to at least one of these events. But why are they so popular? And are they really worth going to? This week, we've got a playlist of three videos that will tell you everything you need to know about the National College Fair.

TOP STORY: President Obama hosts 2nd college opportunity summit

Posted by Mark Davis on 5 December 2017

President Obama hosted his 2nd annual "college opportunity" summit today in DC.  If you want to know what went down at the event, you can watch the 4 1/2 hour video below.  Or if you don't have that kind of time, you can read this great analysis of the event that @alliebidwell wrote for US News.


Posted by Carina Daidone on 3 December 2017

In this episode of "How I Got In," Carina talks to Bruno Faviero, a senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Home to only about 77 Nobel Prize winners, MIT is known as one of the most academically challenging universities in the country — and also for the innovative discoveries that come out of its labs.

TOP STORY: "College is necessary but gets you nowhere"

Posted by on 2 December 2017

Robert Reich (@RBReich) is one of the most popular professors at UC Berkeley.  So it was a little surprising to see him write an article in the Huffington Post last week, in which he argued that "college is necessary, but it gets you nowhere".  

TOP STORY: 7 countries where you can go to college for free

Posted by on 1 December 2017

Here's something you may not know: there are several countries around the world where American students can go to college — for free! In this great article from the Washington Post, @rick_n breaks down the countries where you can find the best college deals.

TOP STORY: Abigail Selden is trying to make college prep easier (but some people don't like that idea)

Posted by on 30 November 2017

One of the best parts about writing this blog is we get to tell you guys about the most interesting people in the world of college prep — people who are really trying to make a difference.  And this week we've found someone who definitely fits that mold. Her name is Abigail Selden, and she built an app that you probably haven't heard of, called College Abacus. And in doing so, Abigail has landed herself in the middle of a controversy.

TOP STORY: Here's a college prep hack you definitely need to know about

Posted by on 29 November 2017

If you use our free college prep app, then you know that we're big believers in getting yourself organized.  Whether you use a digital calendar like Google Calendar, or a physical planner that you carry around in your backpack — it's essential to organize yourself each week in advance, so you stay on track with all your most important tasks.

TOP STORY: Is it worth it to hire a college planner?

Posted by on 28 November 2017

There was a story in the USA Today last week that really got us thinking.  In the article, writer Barbara Booth asks as a simple question:  Is it worth it to hire a college planner?

TOP STORY: The "hour of code" is coming in two weeks (so let your teacher know!)

Posted by on 27 November 2017

During the 2nd week of December, an estimated 10 million students across the U.S. will be doing an "hour of code." We think this is a great project, and we want to do our part to support it. So with that, here are two videos to inspire you to join in the fun.

TOP STORY: What's the "right" number of colleges to apply to?

Posted by on 26 November 2017

@arielkaminer had a fascinating story in the NY Times last week, about the number of college applications that students are submitting these days.  As she writes in the story:

TOP VIDEO: What you *really* need to know about choosing a major (in less than 3 minutes)

Posted by on 25 November 2017

There's a lot of "noise" out there when it comes to choosing the right college major.  There are so many things to think choosing something that will be fun, and help you earn a good income.  Sorting through all the advice out there can get pretty stressful for some students.  That's why we're so excited to bring you this video.

TRAGEDY AT FLORIDA STATE: "One tribe, one heartbeat"

Posted by Alex Tellez on 24 November 2017

My name is Alex Tellez and I'm one of the filmmakers here at My College Timeline. I share with you all of my experiences as a Florida State Seminole through photos and videos. The other day I experienced a tragic event here at Florida State that I did not think I ever would. It was a school shooting.

Introducing the My College Timeline internship program

Posted by Mark Davis on 24 November 2017

We launched our college prep app less than a month ago, but we've already gotten quite a few requests from students who love the app so much, that they want to intern for My College Timeline. Well, there's no time like the present, so...

TOP VIDEO: How to make your college applications stand out

Posted by on 23 November 2017

@hodakotb and @KathieLGifford ran a great segment about college admissions on The Today Show last week.  It was a panel discussion including two deans of admission and a college advisor — and they gave some specific advice on how to make your college applications stand out.

TOP VIDEO: Why does Notre Dame keep getting ranked as the top college for studying business?

Posted by on 22 November 2017

Notre Dame has been named by Businessweek as the #1 undergraduate college for studying business for the last five straight years. But why?

TOP STORY: 5 college tuition hacks that you need to know about NOW

Posted by on 21 November 2017

One of our main goals here at This Week In College Prep is to filter through all the noise out there about college prep, and give you the information that you really need to know. And this week we've got something pretty cool for you.

TOP STORY: Think you can't afford college? Then you should check out something called "My inTuition"

Posted by on 20 November 2017

Back in 2008, Congress passed a law requiring every college to create something called a "net price calculator". These calculators were supposed to make it easier to figure out the actual cost of going to college. Fast forward six years later, and now every college has one of these calculators. But as @DLeonhardt writes in the New York Times, the rollout of these net price calculators has been — pretty much — a disaster.

Be proactive if you want to play college sports

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 20 November 2017

Too many high school students apply to college and assume that they will be able to take a place on an athletic team. Where high school may be egalitarian, college athletics are anything but. What do you have to do if you want to play in college?

TOP STORY: 7 essential life skills for high schoolers to build before college

Posted by on 19 November 2017

Briana Boyington (@B_Boyington) is one our favorite writers when it comes to college prep articles, and last week she published another great story over at U.S. News Education.

TOP VIDEO: How I Got In (George Washington University)

Posted by Mark Davis on 18 November 2017

In this episode of How I Got In, Carina talks to Alex Pollock, a junior at George Washington University.

TOP VIDEO: Meet 6 students who are the first in their family to go to college

Posted by Mark Davis on 17 November 2017

This video has some terrible production values. It's in low resolution, and has giant black bars on the side — so it's not really up to our usual "HD standards" here at This Week In College Prep.  But...FORGET ALL THAT! Because the video itself is so great, that we're going to feature it this week anyway.

Admissions interview questions and answers revealed

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 17 November 2017

Oxford University, one of the world’s finest institutions of higher education, has revealed some of the questions that students may face in upcoming admissions interviews. Would you be ready to answer the diverse, sometimes bizarre array of questions?

TOP VIDEO PLAYLIST: The 12 best colleges for future entrepreneurs

Posted by Mark Davis on 16 November 2017

Do you dream of starting a company at some point in your life? Then you may want to study entrepreneurship while you're in college.  In this week's featured playlist, we take a look at 12 of the best colleges for the aspiring entrepreneur. You'll see some schools that you would expect to be this list — like Stanford, MIT and Harvard.  But what other colleges also make the list? Some of the names just may surprise you!

Check out the new "dashboard" you can use on My College Timeline

Posted by Mark Davis on 15 November 2017

When we first started building My College Timeline, we know what we wanted it to be: "everything you need for college prep, in one place, for free." Our app would make it easier to do all the college prep activities you need to do, and make sure you do them on time. But there was one thing that was missing...and if I'm being honest with myself, it was a pretty big something.

NBC NEWS: Recent college graduates owe more than $1 trillion in student debt

Posted by Callie Peterson on 14 November 2017

There was a story on NBC News this week that was — for many people — a little alarming.

Why colleges like out-of-state students

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 13 November 2017

Public colleges function to serve the populations in their respective state. Out-of-state students are usually required to pay a premium to attend public colleges, and are willing to compete for the opportunity to do so. Do public colleges have any incentive to recruit in-state students anymore?

TOP STORY: 10 surprising stats about the value of a college education

Posted by Mark Davis on 13 November 2017

There are millions of high school students around the U.S. — right now — who are trying to figure out how to pay for college. And many of them are looking for any edge they can get.

TOP STORY: How to save money on your college applications

Posted by Mark Davis on 12 November 2017

As you know by now, the crew here at This Week In College Prep constantly scans the interwebs, finding the most useful college prep news stories and bringing them straight to you, our loyal reader.  And we've found another great one for you this week.

TOP VIDEO: How I Got In (Duke)

Posted by Callie Peterson on 11 November 2017

We've got another fresh episode of How I Got In for you this week. This time, our intrepid host Carina (a sophomore at the University of Florida) talks to Mary Hagan, a junior at Duke University.

3 tips for selecting the right reach schools

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 10 November 2017

When it comes time to apply to college, you will need to have a short list of contender schools. One or two of those will be so-called “reach schools.” So how do you go about choosing your reach schools?

TOP VIDEO: The workplace of the future (and how to get ready for it!)

Posted by Mark Davis on 10 November 2017

We often see predictions about what the workplace of the future will look like. But we rarely see them animated, and set to music!


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 9 November 2017

You know what the Ivy League schools are, but do you know that they actually look like? In this playlist, we take a tour of all 8 Ivy League schools — including Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

Our long-awaited college prep app is now available (and it's free)

Posted by Mark Davis on 8 November 2017

It's hard to believe...but after a year of work by an amazing team of people, our college prep app came out today.

TOP STORY: The serious problem with the 2014 SAT scores

Posted by Callie Peterson on 7 November 2017

For many students, taking the SAT's is one of the most stressful parts of high school.  But according to Valerie Strauss (@valeriestrauss) from the Washington Post, this shouldn't be the case.  

College fairs offer more than free pens

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 6 November 2017

Have you attended a college fair recently? These events are more valuable than the endless pens that are available for the taking. You can make the most of your college fair experience by doing a few simple things.

TOP STORY: The college admissions bubble is going to burst, according to U.S. News

Posted by Callie Peterson on 6 November 2017

For many years, U.S. News & World Report has been the "go to" publication when it comes to college rankings. So it was surprising for us to see a major article they just put out, arguing that college admissions in the U.S. is in a bubble — and it's going to burst at some point.

TOP STORY: Here's how you can go to college for FREE

Posted by Callie Peterson on 5 November 2017

Last week there was some major college news that came out of Germany. The country announced that all German universities are now free to all students, including Americans.

TOP VIDEO: Learn how to manage your time using Google Calendar

Posted by Callie Peterson on 4 November 2017

Our co-founder Mark is a bit of a guru when it comes to time management. In this video, he shares his secrets with you.

Early Action too early?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 3 November 2017

Early Action has long been the go-to option for students wary of a binding commitment, but eager to snap up places in a class. Now Early Action is coming under fire for being too early and too prolific. Could Early Action be phased out in coming years?

TOP VIDEO: Meet the 15 year old kid from Sierra Leone who wowed MIT

Posted by Callie Peterson on 3 November 2017

At 15 years old, Kelvin Doe has done something people usually work years trying to do. He caught the attention of MIT,  by teaching himself how to reverse engineer things — so he can build whatever he needs in his impoverished country. He has built musical instruments, a generator, and even an FM radio station for his local community. His radio show became popular in the area, with listeners even texting messages to Kelvin while he was on the air.

TOP VIDEO PLAYLIST: Awesomely green colleges

Posted by Mark Davis on 2 November 2017

There's a growing number of students who are advocating for a greener planet, and for a more sustainable future. If this sounds like you — and you want to actually do something about it — then you might want to think about focusing on this in college. In this playlist, we take a look at the most awesomely green colleges in the U.S.

INSIDE MY COLLEGE TIMELINE: Our new app comes out on Tuesday!

Posted by Mark Davis on 1 November 2017

Stay tuned...we pull back the curtain on Tuesday : ) 

TOP STORY: It's a "red-hot" job market for new college grads

Posted by Callie Peterson on 31 October 2017

With all the doom and gloom about the economy lately, this story may surprise you. According to Lynn O'Shaughnessy from CBS Moneywatch, there's actually a "red hot" job market for college grads these days. In fact, there hasn't been a bigger job market for college graduates since the "dot-com" frenzy of the late nineties.

What is Early Action?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 30 October 2017

With deadlines looming, it is important to know the difference between application plans. Do you know what “Early Action” actually means?

TOP STORY: What's this new thing called a "micro-scholarship"?

Posted by Callie Peterson on 30 October 2017

Many companies in the world of college prep claim to offer "innovative" services of some kind — but few of them actually deliver. But this week, we heard of a new company that sounds like it may be doing something...truly...innovative.

TOP STORY: Princeton and UC Berkeley named top colleges in the U.S. for 2015

Posted by Callie Peterson on 29 October 2017

As we've said many times here on My College Timeline, we're not big believers in the whole "college rankings thing". We think it's an example of the commercialization of the college prep world, and that it can cause students to chase a "famous" college rather than one that may be the best fit for them personally.

TOP VIDEO: How I Got In (Stanford)

Posted by Callie Peterson on 28 October 2017

In this episode of How I Got In, we talk to student Eric Iwashita about his journey to the prestigious Stanford University.

TOP VIDEO: Science Genius uses hip hop to teach science

Posted by Callie Peterson on 27 October 2017

When it comes to getting students excited about learning, the key is capturing their imagination — and getting them excited about what they're learning. But unfortunately, that doesn't always happen — especially in public schools in under-privileged areas.

Malia Obama searches for a college

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 27 October 2017

Even the president’s daughter is stressed over college admissions. Like high school seniors nationwide, Malia Obama is in the throngs of the college application process. How might her journey to college inspire you?

TOP VIDEO PLAYLIST: The Best Engineering Schools in the U.S.

Posted by Callie Peterson on 26 October 2017

Do you dream of working at a place like Google, Facebook or Apple? Then you should learn how to write code...and also go to a college that has a good engineering program. In this week's playlist, we look at the top engineering schools in the country — including Stanford, Caltech and MIT — plus a few names that just might surprise you.

INSIDE MY COLLEGE TIMELINE: Introducing "This Week In College Prep"

Posted by Mark Davis on 25 October 2017

Welcome to our new blog, This Week In College Prep.

TOP STORY: Should the U.S. throw out its college application system?

Posted by Mark Davis on 24 October 2017

Wharton professor @AdamMGrant wrote an opinion piece in the NY Times this week, and sure got people talking. Grant thinks that college admissions in the U.S. is completely broken — and that we should throw it away and start over. And he's got an interesting idea on what we should do instead.

TOP STORY: Goucher College allows students to apply with a video application

Posted by Mark Davis on 23 October 2017

We saw something really interesting come out of Baltimore this week, from Goucher College. They announced that — beginning with applicants for the 2015-2016 academic year — Goucher will become the first college in the nation to accept "video applications".

TOP STORY: Are we seeing the rise of community colleges?

Posted by Mark Davis on 22 October 2017

Community colleges have been the butt of jokes for decades, especially when compared to bigger, four-year universities. They've even got their own sitcom.  But it may be time to start showing community colleges a little more respect.

Which college visit is right for you?

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 21 October 2017

From open houses to quick campus driving tours, there are a host of ways to visit a college. You need to know, though, which types of visits are most conducive to getting the experience you want. Have you considered all of your college visit options?

TOP VIDEO: Meet the kid who's trying to clean up the ocean

Posted by Mark Davis on 20 October 2017

We found a really cool video that was just posted on Motherboard.  It's the story of a 20 year old kid from Holland, who just may change the world.

TOP VIDEO PLAYLIST: Colleges that look like Hogwarts (playlist)

Posted by Mark Davis on 19 October 2017

If you've ever dreamed of going to Hogwarts (and we know you have!) then our latest Youtube playlist is for you.

INSIDE MY COLLEGE TIMELINE: We'd love to get your opinion about our new college prep app

Posted by Mark Davis on 18 October 2017

We're busy getting ready for the launch of our new (and totally awesome!) college prep app, which comes out on November 4th. As part of our launch, we're looking for a few high school students to join a usability study.

When not to enroll

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 15 October 2017

Despite being qualified for admission, students should not necessarily enroll in the school of their dreams. A number of factors prompted one admissions director to go public with such a stern warning. How might her warning benefit you in the future?

Where to live when you're a college student

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 14 October 2017

Saving money is an objective for many college students. Though many sing the praises of living off-campus, some students may be better off living in college housing. Have you considered the best place to live in college?

Looking at the world's best architecture schools

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 9 October 2017

Architects are in demand as the global population grows and infrastructure needs expand. Attending a top architecture school is a ticket to a high-profile career. Perhaps surprisingly, many of the top programs are not in the United States.

College, as told by the White House

Posted by Ryan DeVito on 7 October 2017

The federal government is working to make higher education more transparent. Students and their families can benefit by looking at the newly-released data hailed as "clear" and "reliable" by President Obama. That data can inform your college search and, indeed, ensure that you are making the best college decisions.